Concept for a circular bench set into a new sensory garden located in the grounds of a Suffolk hospital. Designed to create an intimate, comfortable place to rest, converse & engage with nature.

A central table is etched with conversation starter questions specifically designed to stimulate memory & conversation for dementia patients.


The Studio is designed to sit quietly in a natural garden located on the edge of a Suffolk coastal marsh.

The walls are a visual extension of the oak sleeper perimeter wall that frames the garden. The winged roof, inspired by the birds that hover over the marshland, visually floats above the wall, connected with the minimum of slender columns.

Clerestory glazing between wall & roof ensures natural light fills the interior throughout the day whilst providing privacy and maximising internal wall space for the display of creative work. The tapered overhanging soffit protects from excessive solar gain during summer months. A large window on one facade provides a strong connection to the exterior and the wildlife pond that's planted with marsh reeds and grasses.


Two storey house overlooking the marshes towards the river  in Aldeburgh.

The design was inspired by the black wood fisherman's huts on the beach and the tall reeds that cover the marsh at the back of the house.


A range of metal outdoor furniture.

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